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Want to ask Pieter for seminars, workshops and training on Organizational Development (Corporate Training) and would like to know more? Read on……
P ieter Elsen Ph.D. specializes in Organizational Development in corporate environments where he conducts seminars, workshops and trainings. He is personally trained by David Burkhart, one of the nations leading experts in this field. With his background in Industrial Design, Behavioral Modification and long experience in professional environments Pieter’s trainings are in high demand. CLICK HERE to be visit Pieter’s OD website.
Pieter Elsen specializes in work related team issues and team training/coaching.

  • Is there friction among your team members that is decreasing productivity and efficiency?
  • Are you plagued by endless communication issues?
  • Is your team troubled but you don’t know what is going wrong? We do surveys to find out why!
  • Is your team showing signs of inefficiency and poor time management?
  • Does your team lack motivation?
  • Has your team lost its vision and is busy but not productive?
  • Is there confusion between managing and leading?
    If your team shows any of the above symptoms you need help.
    Please cal 949-326-3025 or email for more information and to set up an interview with Pieter.
    CLICK HERE for more info and to be redirected to Pieter’s Organizational Development website..

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