Dr. Deron Ling

Awakened Singapore Peranakan Master Ling, a close associate of the Path of Light Center, will be conducting programs again this spring.

This amazing Master of Reiki, Master Astrologer and Meditation Master and Ph.D. Ayurveda, will be offering Reiki Certification courses from the ancient Peranakan Tradition, Meditation Retreats and Private Astrology readings.
Master Ling ranks among the top most talented and “blessed” energy healers and astrologers in South-East Asia and is well-known and sought after throughout Thailand, Hong Kong and Malaysia.
From a young age, Master Ling developed a strong inclination and passion for the sacred and powerful magic arts like the art of mantra and Katha healing.
At the young age of 20, he began his studies of spiritual healing and magic under the guidance of his guru Swami S. Saraswati. Master Ling further studied with great masters and yogis from China, Tibet and Thailand, to perfect his skills in mantra-healing.
Probably the most significant skill Master Ling possesses is the art of divination. Using on oriental traditional method called “lime oracle”, he is able to foretell future events, one’s destiny and fortune. This technique taps on primordial wisdom from the beginning of time and has since become a dying art no longer practiced in this day and age.
Other techniques in his mastery include Wicca and the art of making effective amulets, which he learnt from ascetic hermits and Tibetan yogis.
In addition, Master Ling is well-versed in traditional medicine systems and practices like Ayurveda and yoga. Throughout his many years of teaching experience, he has trained many students and instructors in the subtler aspects of yoga which are now no longer taught in modern training methods.

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