Dr. James Weldon

Dr. James Weldon – Known as Yogadhi in India and in some spiritual circles in the United States, is a spiritual visionary, Naturopathic health educator, author and inventor & Author of the book “The Secret Journey to The Enlightened Mind.” As he is fond to say: “I have lived an incredible life of love and awakening. I wake each moring in Gratitude just hoping to have the opportunity to give it all away.”

This spring he will be conducting workshops at the Path of Light Center and discuss his life and book:

The Secret Journey is destined to become one of the most beloved spiritual sagas of our time.It is the vivid true story of a child haunted by visions of the past; dark dreams of a terrible death; ancient lives in the distant lands of Tibet. As he grew he found clues meeting a mysterious enlightened being who gave him an incredible gift on an illuminated plane of light. This was the first of three spiritual giants that would guide him for 36 years and some day be known to millions around the world. Join us on this deeply personal spiritual odyssey from darkness to light, from untruth to truth, from death to the shores of immortality.

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