NOW EVERY FRIDAY: Guided Meditation with Path of Light Founder PIETER ELSEN.

We are happy to remind you of the start of our GUIDED MEDITATION classes. The power of group meditation truly amplifies the experience and with breathing techniques and guided imagery you are bound to have a deep and enriching evening. We start at 7 PM. Chairs are provided but if you like to sit on a pillow/zafu kindly bring it. For more info Call 949-326-3035 / 307-4129.

We have a beautiful location:

The Prominence Hotel and Suites – Lake Forest

20768 Lake Forest Drive, Lake Forest, California 92630

Coming up soon:

With Jenna Iantorno

(4 week course)

This course is designed for those who are looking to deepen their yogic practice or to start one. Based on the five points of yoga, it is a system used by the great yogis from the Himalayas for thousands of years. You will learn how to create you own practice of meditation, pranayama and dive into the philosophy of Vedanta and the four paths of Yoga. After 4 weeks you will have a well based understanding of what Yoga really is and be able to carry it over into everyday life.


A thee hour workshop designed to bring you into a deep state of peace and relaxation.
You can sign up by emailing or calling (949) 307-4129


Upcoming, Dr. Deron Ling‘s Spring Retreat. Garuda Grace Light Reiki (beginners and advanced courses); Cintamani Prosperity Manifestation courses (advanced and beginners).



Dr. James Weldon – Known as Yogadhi in India and in some spiritual circles in the United States, is a spiritual visionary, Naturopathic health educator, author and inventor & Author of the book “The Secret Journey to The Enlightened Mind.” As he is fond to say: “I have lived an incredible life of love and awakening. I wake each moring in Gratitude just hoping to have the opportunity to give it all away.”

This spring he will be conducting workshops at the Path of Light Center and discuss his life and book: Secret Journey to the Enlightened Mind.

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