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Guided Imagery

At the Path of Light Center we teach seminars on Guided Imagery. Guided Imagery is a powerful technique that uses images and imagination to alter behavior. The psychologist H.S. Sullivan used the term, “parataxic distortion” to describe the inclination to skew perception of others and events based on fantasy. It is attributing a causal relation between events that are in fact completely independent of each other.
To give an example: a man meets somebody he likes and falls in love with, and then starts regarding his lover as a child that he needs to protect and control. In reality he has been the victim of a very insecure childhood himself and projects this insecurity on his lover. It is a kind of transference that is common and actually hard to avoid. We learn after all through our past experiences and use that knowledge to assess new situations. Sometimes our reactions and interpretations of people and situations may be so distorted that it becomes problematic and we need help.
Guided imagery can help to recreate this situation and reinterpret it, and teach the client to see it in a different light and adapt healthier responses.
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